Personal Health and Dental Quotes

Resources to help choose the right plan for you and your family

KPD Insurance offers the option to purchase Personal Health and Dental insurance either through the Federal Facilitated Marketplace or directly with our preferred carriers. You can access a quote through either system by clicking on the HealthCare.Gov or KPD Personal Health Quote buttons below.

Federal Facilitated Marketplace

When you enroll through the Federal Facilitated Marketplace you may qualify for financial help to pay for your coverage. If you earn less than the maximum yearly income shown below, and you do not have access to a minimum value, affordable health plan through an employer, you might qualify for a subsidy.
Subsidy Income Chart

  • Financial help comes in the form of a tax credit to help pay for premiums. If you qualify, you can choose to receive it monthly or annually.
  • You could also qualify for help paying “out of pocket” costs such as copays and deductibles.
  • Actual subsidy amounts will be determined after providing detailed financial information during the application process.
  • You must purchase your coverage through the Federal Facilitated Marketplace to receive any subsidies.
  • A KPD Insurance Personal Lines Agent can assist you with the enrollment and provide guidance on plan selection.

Click here for more information on premium tax credits.
Click here to browse coverage options in your area.

KPD Personal Health Quote

If you would rather not to go through the Federal Facilitated Marketplace or you know you will not qualify for a subsidy you can request a quote directly with KPD’s preferred carriers.

The direct quote may have access to different plan designs and markets but the non-subsidized rates will be the same as through the Federal Facilitated Marketplace. The quote and application process is more simple through the direct quote. The Federal Facilitated Marketplace will require detailed financial information during the quoting and application process so that they can determine subsidy eligibility.