KPD’s Unique Services

A benefit broker prepares cost estimates. Your benefit advisor performs cost management.

Strategic Cost Management

As health care premiums continue to rise, employers are struggling to find creative, strategic ways to control costs while maintaining benefits. Managing your benefits plan costs can be a quick fix, but it should be a long term strategy. KPD’s Employee Benefits Advisors can provide you state-of-the-art tools, including comprehensive national benchmarking data, online calculators and resources, wellness programs and personal expertise.

The following are some of the cost management solutions available through KPD Insurance.

  • Comprehensive benefit plan analysis and development: Including strategic planning meetings, analysis of alternative funding arrangements (HRA, HSA and self-funded plan options) and large group underwriting review.
  • UBA Health Survey: Critical data from the nation’s largest health plan survey that can help you evaluate and benchmark your benefits program.
  • Employer Opinion Survey: Compares and demonstrates the current strategies and future initiatives of other employer benefit plans.
  • UBA Plan Evaluator: This online tool makes it easy for you and your employees to compare health plan options and make educated choices.
  • PPACA Calculation Tool: Analysis of the impacts of health care reform and the “pay or play” provisions.

Human Resources Advocacy

KPD’s experienced benefits team brings the expertise you need to assist with the administration of your benefits plan. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your Human Resources department.

Our client’s utilize us as a resource for assistance with:

  • Claims Advocay: Your dedicated Account Manager will work closely with members and HR staff to resolve claims issues and coordinate complicated medical treatment.
  • Employee Education: Employee open enrollment meetings and individual assistance for members so they can undersand their benefits and how the insurance system works.
  • Policy & Employee Material Review: Annual review of policies and employee materials.
  • HRInsider® Website: A compliance and employment information hub for HR professionals and employers.


Building a cost effective benefit program is fundamental. Communicating the value is essential. Effective communications help employees appreciate the value of their benefits – keeping them motivated, productive and energized.

KPD can provide a variety of communication resources, including the following:

  • Employee Benefit Center: An online portal that keeps your employees informed and engaged regarding your benefit package.
  • Total Compensation Statements: Educate your employees about the value of your benefits and the total cost of their paycheck.
  • Satisfaction Surveys: A web based product that helps you collect meaningful information and analyze the results quickly.
  • Custom Open Enrollment Materials: Includes employee plan cost, benefit changes and carrier contact information.


Meeting employee needs is a challenge. Meeting the governments is critical. KPD is dedicated to helping employers understand and deal with compliance issues. Being well informed will help simplify the employer’s job and mitigate noncompliance claims and penalties.

  • PPACA Advisor Updates: Brief, to the point explanations about the health care reform law and how it directly affects your business.
  • Compliance Alerts & Newsletter: Keeps you informed about the changes in major health care law and potential violations.
  • Compliance Check Lists: Updated list provided on an annual basis.
  • Webinars: Get first hand knowledge of compliance and labor laws from some of the nations leading legal experts. Offered on a monthly basis.
  • Legal Resource: KPD’s experienced Employee Benefits team will provide technical research and documentation in response to your compliance questions. Legal advice is also available, in a practical and business oriented approach, through KPD’s ERISA attorney.

Carrier and Administrator Partnerships

KPD’s carrier and administrator relationships are critical to the success of any client’s program. We believe strongly in partnership and the shared accountability we have with our carriers and administrators. KPD has an outstanding reputation with the employee benefits insurer community in our region.

Our carrier and administrator relationships are strengthened through the following actions.

  • Senior Management Level Relationships: KPD Employee Benefits Advisors hold positions on multiple carrier advisory boards.
  • Elite Agency Contracts: Access to proprietary products and pricing in key markets.
  • Wide Variety Of Carrier Appointments: Appointed with all medical carriers in Oregon and multiple dental, life and disablity carriers. Access to out of state carriers through national UBA relationships.
  • Custom Open Enrollment Materials: Includes employee plan cost, benefit changes and carrier contact information.